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Fri, 01 Feb 2019 13:16:29 +0000
Ways To Plan Your perfect Wedding Registry from The Personalized Gift Company a custom gift boxes company
Tue, 25 Dec 2018 21:47:47 +0000
Wedding registry by 360sitevisitCongratulations to your engagement and the upcoming wedding day!  While you are enjoying the blissfulness of engagement, there are a lot of planning that goes towards the big day.  In the midst of planning for the big day, there are also other planning, such as a wedding registry, which you will need to consider.  Planning for a wedding registry could be stressful and overwhelming or it could be fun.  It is up to you.   To help get you started, here’s a few things to consider.   Don’t feel pressured to having a wedding registry. If you don’t want or need one, then you don’t have to have one.  We are in the 21st  Times have changed since the idea of wedding registry.  Your guest will be fine in being creativity in gifting.  Cash will be the typical go to gift. Think of what is it that you need and/or want. In what form would you like your gifts.  A few options are all product gifts, mix of products and cash, all cash, or charitable donations. For product gifts, consider the following: What you currently have and would like to upgrade. What you would like to have now and for the future. Besides the traditional kitchenware and bedding, think of also entertainment, travels, activities, etc. Add to your registry things that are “Fun and Corky”.” Things that are associated to you as a couple.  Your guest will enjoy gifting as much as you enjoy adding it to your registry. Prices of your registered gifts should have various ranges so to accommodate all your guest’s budget. Register in 2-3 stores, such as Bloomingdales, Macys, Targets, REI, Amazon, Bed Bath and Beyond to provide guest options. For cash gift, you could insert a nicely decorated card with your invitation as you would for a traditional registry that could say, “YOUR PRESENCE AT OUR WEDDING IS THE GREATEST OF ALL. IF IT IS YOUR WISH TO BLESS US WITH A GIFT, WE WOULD GREATLY APPRECIATE A CONTRIBUTION TO OUR WISHING WELL.  WE LOOK FORWARD TO CELEBRATING OUR WEDDING DAY WITH YOU.” For the combo mixed of products and cash. You could do a combination of the two. For charitable donation, you could include the information and link for your guest to make their contribution on your behalf. Some people will tell you that it is inappropriate to include registry and gift suggestions on the […]
Sun, 02 Dec 2018 20:35:06 +0000
Planning a wedding is hard, time-consuming and at times (many times) stressful, all while trying to physically look your best and mentally be ready for the wedding day. For this week’s blog, we would like to share with you some simple ways to look and feel great by suggesting some “easier” ways to manage your diet without big changes or compromises to your daily food consumption. The way you look and feel is heavily impacted by the kinds of food you eat.  When you feel heavy, tired or sluggish, you should try to recall what you have eaten in the last few days.  Often times, the food you consume will cause bloating, which in turn, makes you feel uncomfortable. Here is a list of food that causes bloating and our recommended options. If you can switch to these options, you should notice your body and mental state changes in a positive direction.  You will look and feel great on your big day. INSTEAD of Raw cruciferous vegetables. GO FOR Steam veggies, which are easier to digest. INSTEAD of Carbonate drinks. GO FOR Green juices or smoothies. INSTEAD of Onions. GO FOR Onion-infused olive oil. INSTEAD of Apples. GO FOR Berries, melons, grapes or bananas. INSTEAD of Process Sugar. GO FOR 100% pure maple syrup. INSTEAD of Garlic. GO FOR Chives. INSTEAD of Grains. GO FOR Soaked quinoa. INSTEAD of Mushrooms. GO FOR Sautéed zucchini or seaweed. INSTEAD of Dairy products. GO FOR Nut milk or coconut milk In addition to providing a list of food options, we also recommend checking out Park Chateau Estates and Gardens in East Brunswick, NJ  Nestled midway between Manhattan and Philadelphia on 15-rolling acres, the Park Château is a beautiful wedding venue and event hall that embraces the classic French Novel architectural design. To say the least, the Grand Ballroom is where the silver place settings gleam and the champagne glasses sparkle as you and your guests toast to a new beginning. Magnificent crystal chandeliers glisten throughout the stunning ballroom, serving as shimmering beacons towards the new lives you and your spouse will create together. As you begin your beautification, allow their grandiose Bridal Suite to give you and your bridal party all you need to relax, prepare, and entertain during your time at Park Chateau. Your wedding day will be perfect.  You have service your body and mind well.  Just relax and enjoy the […]
Wed, 07 Nov 2018 18:43:58 +0000
Now that you are engaged, there’s lots to plan.  Your mind must be all over the map. Here are some etiquette tips to help guide you through the process. Arrange to have the in-laws meet before the rehearsal dinner and most importantly before the wedding. This will help ease any tension and awkwardness, which also will give you peace of mind knowing that they will be able to take care of themselves without your presences. Anyone who is invited to the shower, bachelor or bachelorette party, should be invited to the wedding. A THANK YOU NOTE is a must, absolutely not via text or social media. No exceptions.  Granted, we live in a world of technology and social media, but thank you notes need to be personal. Request that cell phones be silenced at the ceremony. This is for both the bride and groom, family and guests. Back in the days, the bride and groom would take off after they say their vows. But, it is always better for the bride and groom to send off their guests with heartfelt thank-you and goodbyes. This is your wedding, your day.  It is as important to remember all the details, but knowing that you are doing the right thing by approaching the planning with love, compassion, consideration, and integrity for both you and your guests is equally important. To help ease some of the stress of planning, why not work with a good venue and vendor?  Allow the venues or vendors to help take some load off and provide recommendations.  Delegate some responsibilities to ensure you and your guests are well-taken care. The Park Savoy located in NJ will help you plan facilitate the perfect day.  Their managers and maitre’d are available to consult and guide you on your event, floor plans and other details that you may need.  They are familiar with customs and traditions across a wide range of cultures. Hopes this helps.  Happy planning!